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vittorio EmanuElE agostinElli Consulta giovanile del Pontificio Consiglio della Cultura

Abstract hitelpont zrt. e l’economia Ungherese: il microcredito e l’accesso ai finanziamenti per il settore delle pmi Hitelpont Zrt., creata più di 15 anni fa, è diventata una delle società finanziarie di maggior successo che forniscono finanziamenti dell’Unione europea e statali alle imprese ungheresi. A ridosso della pandemia da COVID19 la proporzione di prestiti garantiti e il rapporto tra garanzie sui prestiti garantiti dal governo e PIL è a un livello eccezionalmente elevato in Ungheria, rispetto ad altri paesi europei. Scopriamo la Hitelpont Zrt. con alcuni dati di supporto sull’importanza delle PMI per l’economia ungherese. Business, economic crisis, training, entrepreneurship, loans, smes and social economy.

Summary: 1. Hitelpont Zrt.: A Hungarian reply to the current economy. 2.Microcredit and SMEs in Hungary. 1. hitelpont zrt.:a hungarian reply to the current economy. Hitelpont Zrt., created more than 15 years ago, has become one of the most successful financial companies that provide European Union and state funding to Hungarian businesses. Its principal task is to provide access to repayable EU or Hungarian State assistance (loan) to companies, fostering the development of the Hungarian economy. The mission of Hitelpont Zrt. is to improve the market position of Hungarian small companies. They believe that small companies achieve the greatest changes, so the Hitelpont Zrt. colleagues have specialized in the needs of the SME sector and have helped over 800 corporate clients grow, tracking their growth and sharing in their success. 1 They propose the following borrowing process2 : Contact. For all clients at least one personal consultation; Pre-qualification. The aim of the fast pre-qualification, which might be completed in as little as 24 hours, is to speed up the decision-making process following the submission of the loan application; Administration of the application. Hitelpont staff inform the client of the documents he must submit in connection with his loan application. The appraisal is commissioned by the staff of Hitelpont Zrt. Submitting the loan application. The completed loan application documents and the company documentation compiled according to the checklist must be submitted to the staff of Hitelpont Zrt and by one of Hitelpont broker partners, provided that they have been duly authorised to do so by the agent of our client; Assessing the loan application. The client will be informed of the decision by the loan administrator in writing and via telephone; Signing the contract. The contract is signed at the offices of Hitelpont Zrt., in the presence of the client, a notary, the competent agent and the loan administrator of Hitelpont Zrt.; Administration related to disbursal. Simultaneously with signing the loan contract Hitelpont colleague will provide comprehensive information on actions necessary for disbursal and present all forms and documents required for meeting the conditions to the client;

Disbursal. The loan is transferred to the bank account designated by the client; Using the loan. The applicant must commence the project within 60 days of the disbursal of the loan, and attest this credibly to Hitelpont Zrt. The applicant must complete the project within 24 months of signing the contract, and must attest this credibly, with documentary evidence. 2. microcredit and smes in hungary3 . According to the preliminary data of the Hungarian Central Statistical Office, at the end of 2017, 724 000 enterprises operated in Hungary, 99.86% of which — i.e. 723 000 enterprises — qualified as SMEs. In 2018, the Hungarian economy expanded at an exceptional rate, exceeding analysts’ expectations. The swift rise of Hungarian GDP was substantially influenced by corporate investment growth. In parallel with output and investments, the loans taken out by companies increased more than predicted during the year. Corporate credit increased by 13.5 per cent annual growth rate in 2018. Half of the expansion was linked to the SME sector. Loans to SMEs rose by 10 percent year-on-year, within which the micro-firm segment expanded the most, with a 14% year-on-year increase. Banking competition intensified according to Hungarian National Bank’s (MNB) report. This trend was accompanied by an improvement in economic prospects and an easing of credit terms. Based on the banks’ responses to the Lending Survey, credit conditions were eased for all corporate size categories in the fourth quarter, which mainly affected nonprice conditions. The interest rate on small-amount HUF loans has remained unchanged. There was no major change in the average interest rate of forint loans below EUR 1 million, as they came in at 2.44 per cent, respectively. 2018 was one of the most active years in the history of the Hungarian venture capital and private equity market. Not only the number of transactions but also the total amount invested increased significantly. The majority of transactions were made at the seed stage. Before the COVID-19 pandemic the proportion of guaranteed loans and the ratio of government-backed loan guarantees to GDP is at an exceptionally high level in Hungary, in comparison to other European countries. 2021 • N. 36 65 1 Hitelpont Zrt., Frequently asked questions, 2 Hitelpont Zrt., Borrowing process, 3 OECD, Financing SMEs and Entrepreneurs 2020, an OECD scoreboard,

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